The training: "Diseases and pests of pepper production”

Today, on 18th October 2019, the long-awaited training of farmers was held in the village of Krusha e Madhe. After four months of field work we have been able to collect data on the state of pepper production. From this research we have been able to identify Anthracnosis, a disease that was very present in the production of pepper, which was able to destroy half of production.

This training was conducted by an agronomist, Dr. Sc. Skender Ramadani, who discussed the topic “Diseases and pests of pepper production”. The findings of the field research and the diseases that were present in pepper production were elaborated on this topic.

In addition, the valuable agronomist also explained the prevention of these diseases that can be devastating for the whole production. Also, the drinking water and the water used by these farmers to irrigate the fields were tested with adequate tools, which resulted in both types of waters being clean.

The interest of farmers in developing their field work proved to be true today. At the end of the training all participants, approximately 50 participants, had the opportunity to discuss with each other about the developed topic.

At the same time, the Mayor of the village Krusha e Madhe, Mr. Selami Hoti, was also present, and we thank him for the help he provided.

In the training was present even the Director of the Regional Irrigation Company Radoniqi-Dukagjini Sh.a Gjakova, Mr. Jahja Kadrija, also expressed his willingness to answer the farmers’ questions and concerns about water.