Round table meeting 2019

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On March 10th, 2020, PePeKo Association organized a roundtable meeting, where the theme of discussion was the problems, difficulties and prospects of the Agri-Food Industry, in which were attended by the Director of the Department of Agricultural Policy and Markets, Mr. Isuf Cikaqi, CETEP Project Representative at GIZ Kosovo, Mr. Mustafë Kastrati, and the President of the PePeKo Association, Mr. Irfan Fusha. Also, other present were: representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Food and Veterinary Agency, TAK, Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, representatives of banking institutions, Fruit and Vegetable Processors, Partner Associations, Collection Points, Professors and students.

Initially, the results of research carried out during 2019 were presented by experts engaged by the PePeKo Association. The topics of the presentations were: “Current Export Procedures” presented by Mr. Naim Huruglica, “Values Chain in the fruit and vegetable sector” by Ms. Iliriana Miftari, and “Marketing of agri-food products” by Mr. Visar Berisha.

After the research presentations, a discussion was opened, where all participants discussed the topics and gave their opinion on the problems, difficulties and prospects of the Agri-Food Industry.

This meeting was supported by the German Government, through GIZ Kosovo, as part of the Export Promotion Employment Creation project.