Press conference

 Considering our research on supplementing / amending fiscal policies and the agreement with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, today, 09.24.2019, a press conference was held at KCC environment. 

The conference was opened by the Director of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Berat Rukiqi, and continued with presentations by Ms. Olivera Ceni-Bardiqi, who presented the research conducted by KCC on the certification of companies for their products with food safety standards.

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Whereas the Executive Director of the association PePeKo, Mr. Hartim Gashi, presented the studies done by the association on fiscal policies, especially fiscal package 2.0.

This research was presented to the media present at this conference.

Following this conference and in cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, we believe that key institutions will take up the issue of supplementing / amending fiscal policies. These research are a relief to the institutions responsible for formulating fiscal policies, but also to the agricultural ones through the way of cooperation and operation of chain links we will be able to assist local farmers and processors, and furthermore we will achieve even greater economic development of the country.